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Commercial Mosaic

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy a house from a relator you didn’t trust, nor would you invest your money in a bank that wasn’t fully certified. The same logic applies when it comes to fitting out your business. Yet, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many businesses in the service and corporate sector choose to make short-term gains that only ever end with long-term costs. The reality of the situation is that you want a high-quality commercial mosaic tiling service, then you need to choose a team that has a reputation for delivering real and lasting results for all its commercial clients. Durmat Marble And Tile Inc is that team.

Unmatched Commercial Mosaic Designs

We offer an exemplary mosaic design, creation and installation service that leaves nothing to chance. By investing in us, you’re investing in your business. We guarantee to deliver an unmatched commercial mosaic service that will simply not be beat when it comes to quality, affordability and convenience. Don’t take unnecessary risks with inferior tiling teams when the best option is here for you to use.

Call our office today to schedule a free and non-committal appointment from one of our skilled installation technicians or artists. Alternatively, explore our website today to learn more about the range of services we offer.

Durmat Marble And Tile Inc’s Superior Glass Mosaic Flooring

At Durmat Marble And Tile Inc, we take immense pride in the commercial mosaic service we offer. It is this commitment to excellence that separates us from other mosaic tiling teams. One of the most important parts of the service we offer is being as honest and transparent as possible with all our commercial clients. This honest approach involves highlighting the positives as well as some of the possible points that should be taken into consideration with our services.

When it comes to glass mosaic flooring for your commercial property, it is important to consider the following points:

  1. Cost: There is no doubt about it, if you are considering investing in a glass mosaic floor tiles for your business then cost is certainly a factor. Unlike ceramic or porcelain options, mosaic glass flooring does not come cheap. This is particularly true if you plan on maximizing repeat patterns.
  2. Installation Time: Unlike natural stone or ceramic mosaic tiles, glass mosaics are difficult to install even for the most experienced installation technician. As such, the time it takes to install a set of glass mosaic tiles will be considerably higher than with other types of tiles.
  3. Possibility of Scratches: If you are looking for a mosaic tile that is resistant to stains and spillages, then glass is a great call. However, if you want a material that is impervious to scratches there are definitely some better mosaic options on the market.
  4. Slippery Surface: While textured finishes can be applied to glass tiles, the fact of the matter is that it remains a very slippery surface, which in some wet environments can make it a hazard.
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